Week 3 of the ITP: Thoughts and Feelings (Mustafa Okan Cinemre, ITP 2018, Turkey)

Hello, my name is Okan Cinemre, I am an archaeologist from the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara, Turkey. I am a participant in the ITP 2018 summer programme at the British Museum.

Three weeks may not be such a long time, but for ITP 2018 fellows, it was the middle of our programme. At this stage in the programme, all participants were understanding each other, laughing and helping each other. By the end of Week 3, all fellows were settled into the programme and ready to go to their UK partner museums for the fourth week.

I have been given a great opportunity for developing my skills and re-learning in a well-organised programme. All the ITP museum professionals are so energetic and well-prepared.

The tour of the blockbuster exhibition Rodin and the art of ancient Greece with curator Ian Jenkins was a golden opportunity for me in Week 3, with many deep thoughts and feelings. From the Greek and Roman Department, Ross Thomas, Alexandra Villing, Aurelia Masson, Charo Rovira, Kate Morton and Celeste Farge gave detailed information about the projects they have been pursuing and the works they have done.

We have travelled to many places so far: Kew Gardens, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, Sutton Hoo, the Shard, Horniman Museums and Gardens, Hever Castle and Gardens… but the most unforgettable for me was in Week 3: the musical The Phantom of the Opera. It was a fabulous, magnificent and breathtakingly audiovisual show. The actors were very expressive and talented. And something very interesting in this musical: they did not show the Phantom actor’s face at the end!

And who organised all these events during the first three weeks in London?

The answer is: our 3 MUSKETEERS! Athos(ia), Porthos(ia) and Aramis(ia). And we don’t forget d’Artagnan(ia). These people are doing the job perfectly with politeness, smiles and patience all the time. Respect and many thanks to you all!


The BM ITP Musketeers: Jessica, Claire, Andrea and Rebecca


Diary – Sunday 22 July: this night is our last night in our London accommodation. I did my morning walk as usual, and Huyam Khalid Mohammed Madani (ITP 2018, Sudan) accompanied me. We are planning a little picnic in the courtyard before we go to our UK Partner museums. We will all have a lot of new life and work experiences. We will have a better understanding of the 3 weeks of training we took here so far in London when we go to the partner museums.