Hello from Eloise Booker!

My name is Eloise Booker (or Lulu for short) and I am very happy to be introducing myself as I join the museum to begin my work experience here for the next 2 weeks. I will be following the ITP summer programme and hopefully developing my archaeological and anthropological understanding as I explore the exhibitions, and get to speak to ITP fellows whilst I am here!


I am a student from Buckinghamshire and have just finished my A-Level Business, Economics and Modern history studies; which looked at Ireland from the late 17th century to the early 19th century, USA and Britain, both from the early 1920s to the late 1990s. I hope to be heading to University this coming September, to study and gain a degree in anthropology and archaeology (hopefully at Bristol university… fingers crossed!).

I am very much looking forward to my next 2 weeks of work experience at the British Museum (BM) and the opportunity to engage with international fellows of vastly different cultures from around the world! With the ITP summer programme taking place during my time here, work experience is an especially exciting prospect. I have previously enjoyed volunteering at my local museum and was looking forward to carrying out work experience at the BM, a museum in the heart of London,  and integral to the study of anthropology and archaeology with exhibitions and artefacts of global province.

Coming from a family of 6; with my mum and dad, elder sister, elder brother, younger sister, as well as my two dogs Barney and Rufus all under one roof, I am used to having a busy and sometimes chaotic schedule so am more than ready to get stuck in at the museum.

I have already been introduced to some of you, who have all been so lovely and welcoming and I hope to meet more of you soon, including the 23 fellows on the summer programme who return from their UK partner placements later this week.