News for the Lincoln ITP alumni

For all our fellows over the years who have worked with Antony Lee, Collections Development Officer at the County Heritage Service in Lincolnshire, we wanted to let you know that sadly (for us!!) he is leaving the service at the end of September.   He is moving to Edinburgh and is planning to study for his PhD in Roman archaeology at Durham University.

Antony says ‘although it’s a strange feeling to be leaving the Lincolnshire heritage family after so long, I am excited to be embarking on a new chapter, both personally and professionally. It has been a pleasure to work with you all over the years and I wish you all the very best for the future. I hope to be able to have the opportunity to work with you again in future in some capacity or other – the world of archaeology and heritage isn’t so large, after all’.

We are really going to miss Antony being part of the ITP network (although no-one ever really escapes the ITP!!!) but we hope you will join us wishing him all the best in his exciting ‘new life’.