Ikhlas Abdllatief (ITP 2006, Sudan) at her BM desk

Earlier in the year we posted some blogs of ‘ITPers at their desk’ for International Museum Day and upon returning from our trip to Cairo.

The ITP team are based in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan and we are currently joined by Ikhlas Abdllatief (ITP 2006, Sudan) who is working with colleagues on the Circulating Artefacts Project, supported by a grant from the Cultural Protection Fund. The project will see the creation of an online semantic database of Egyptian and Nubian antiquities in circulation on the international art market and in private collections.


Ikhlas has been at the museum since July and is receiving on-the-job training in the department until September 2018. Whilst here, Ikhlas is building skills in the documentation of circulating artefacts and looking into how to describe and research this type of material, with a particular focus on questions of provenance. Ikhlas has also been developing an understanding of the legal and practical framework within which the art market operates, both internationally and within specific countries.