Blog & biography updates!

You may have heard or read about our plans to create a new WordPress blog site for the ITP network, to help us continue to be connected and engaged.

As the ITP global network expands both in numbers and its geographical spread, it is more important than ever to keep our fellows connected with the British Museum, our UK and programme partners, and each other. Consequently we are developing our ITP WordPress blog site with the aim of addressing key areas of importance in advocacy, outreach and community.

A very important development that we are planning is a directory of all our ITP fellows, including the following information:

  • ITP year & country
  • Job title and institution
  • Contact details (email address) and professional profiles (LinkedIn)
  • Profile picture
  • Career history, qualifications & publications
  • Current professional responsibilities
  •  ITP summer programme: curatorial department, UK partner placement, Room 3 The Asahi Shimbun Displays / Object in Focus project details
  • ITP legacy projects: post-fellowship engagement, continued dialogue with fellows, colleagues and institutions within the network

Based on the above, please consider whether you have provided us with the most up to date information about yourself.

If you have any updates please email by 30 Novemeber 2018.

We look forward to hearing your good news!

Many thanks and we look forward to sharing our new site with you in the New Year.