Back from the Clore Leadership Short Course (Claire Messenger, ITP Manager)

Written by Claire Messenger, International Training Programme Manager

From 26 November to 7 December 2018 I was out of the office on a Clore Leadership Short Course organised by the Clore Leadership Programme, which aims to develop and strengthen leadership across the cultural and creative sectors. Now that I’m back I wanted to share some learning with you – although I’m not sure I know where to start! I have so many notes to transcribe, presentations to look again and books I want to read before I feel I can properly appreciate the course!!

One thing I can say, straight away, is that the course gave me a little ‘taste’ of what the International Training Programme must be like for our ITPers. Although I was only away for two weeks, being in an intense work/life environment with new people, learning new skills AND being away from home is quite an experience. And to think that our ITPers do it for six weeks…….and in English. I ADMIRE YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Back to the office...

Back in the office!

I also have some new ideas for the next summer programme!! Both the flow and content of the course gave me plenty of things to think about around learning styles, time for reflection, and resilience and wellbeing.  It also highlighted for me issues around how you process what you have seen, heard, learnt and shared when you return to your usual busy work and family lives.

But perhaps most of all, spending two weeks with 22 amazing people from different areas of arts and culture, and with fascinating professional and personal experiences to share, was such a privilege and so much fun.