ICOM UK: international museum professional interviews

During Andrea Terron’s (ITP 2017, Senior Fellow 2018) time at the British Museum as Senior Fellow she was interviewed by Dana Andrew (Executive Director, ICOM UK). As Vice President of the Association of Museums of Guatemala and National Committee ICOM Guatemala (AGM-ICOM) Andrea was interested in talking to Dana about how ICOM operates in the UK and Dana was equally interested in ICOM activity in Guatemala. The conversation became part of a series of interviews which ICOM UK are carrying out with  museum professionals across the world.

Andrea’s interview plus conversations with curators, directors and other museum professionals from countries including China, Germany and Zimbabwe can be found via the link below:


ITP Fellow opportunity:

If you would like to be interviewed by ICOM UK and have an interesting perspective to give, whether that be about your ICOM involvement and experience in your country, or a project you are working on which demonstrates what is relevant and current in your museum sector, please contact Rebecca Horton (ITP Coordinator) at rhorton@britishmuseum.org

Enjoy reading all of the interviews, which provide wonderful insights into the unique priorities of museum sectors in countries across the world, and I look forward to hearing from you!