WPI returns: Bristol online exhibition

Rebecca Horton, International Training Programme Coordinator

Over the last two years the ITP has teamed up with students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the USA to work on legacy projects for the network. Last year we were joined by Edward, Ryan, Sarah and Jessica and in 2017 we were joined by Amanda, Juan, Miguel and Patrick. With the support of the ITP network (completing surveys, sharing their professional advice and communicating their needs) these students have managed to produce great resources which the ITP team use to facilitate legacy work throughout the year.

This year 4 more students will join the ITP network: Jacob Koslow, Cormac Lynch-Collier, Matthew Puentes and Michael Sidler. The group will formally introduce themselves to you via the blog and Facebook group  in the coming weeks but in the meantime I am happy to announce that they have begun work on realising the Bristol online exhibition.

Working with the wonderful objects and information selected and put together by the project team (Jana Alaraj (Palestine, ITP 2011), Ishaq Mohamed Bello (Nigeria, ITP 2012), Sue Giles (UK Partner Bristol Museums), Wendland Chole Kizili (Kenya, ITP 2013), Manisha Nene (India, ITP 2011) Rige Shiba (India, ITP 2013) and the ITP team) Jacob, Cormac, Matthew and Michael will research user friendly Collection Management Systems and ultimately input the exhibition information into an online platform to share with the network as an online exhibition.

This project is part of the group’s university studies; the project is carried out in one university term, working with the ITP team from the US before coming to the UK in March to volunteer on the project full time for 7 weeks. As the project develops Jacob, Cormac, Matthew and Michael  will contact members of the network for advice and input into the project.

You can read more about WPI here: https://www.wpi.edu/

Look out for emails and regular updates throughout February, March and April!