ITP 2014 Fellows in Paris! Waed Awesat and Shubha Banerji

During the ITP summer programme 2014, Waed Awesat and Shubha Banerji (Palestine and India) shared a flat in Schafer House.  Four years later, in September 2018, they met again in Paris where Waed is studying for her PhD on ‘Achaemenid and Hellenistic Tyr (5th century BC – 1st century AD): history and currency’ at the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne, in archaeology under the East and Mediterranean research laboratory with the Semitic World team.

Here Waed and Shubha tell us more.

Waed Paris

‘Being with Shubha in Paris gave the city more charm, I spent such a wonderful time with her.  During the ITP 2014 her room was opposite mine and I felt very warmly towards her, and after spending time together sharing our spiritual common interests, I am sure she will be my first great Indian friend. I hope to see her again soon as she has invited me to India and I will work hard to make this plan happen’.

Waed Awesat (ITP 2014, Palestine)

Shubha‘Waed and I met in Paris during the first week of September 2018. I always had a dream of visiting Paris and particularly exploring the Louvre museum. Once while chatting with Waed one day about my Paris dream  she enthusiastically invited me to come along and stay with her. I was overwhelmed and happily accepted the offer. Waed met me at the airport and I stayed with her for 5 days.  I felt like I was meeting a family member in Paris.  She took care of all my needs, guided me patiently though my itinerary.  Whenever she got free time we went around the city together and we had great fun. This was one of the best vacations I have ever had and I am so thankful to Waed for her warm hospitality.  Also a big thanks to the ITP which helped me to get such good friends who are now more like close family’.

Shubha Banerji (ITP 2014, India)

If any of you have any meet-ups around the world that you’d like to share with the ITP network please do let me know.  It is lovely to know that the our aim of ‘networking globally’ really does have such positive outcomes and benefits.

Thank you to Waed and Shubha for sharing their lovely memories with us.

Claire Messenger (ITP Manager)