ITP Goodbye from Becca Horton

3 years ago my poor Dad endured an over-emotional phone conversation (too long to admit to) where I managed to convince both him and myself that my ITP interview had gone terribly and I had missed the most incredible opportunity. Thankfully I was wrong about one thing, I hadn’t missed the opportunity… and I was overwhelmingly right that the ITP is incredible.

In July 2016 I started my first day on the ITP with 2016 fellows, on what is still one of my favourite days of the year (I’m not sure what that says about me!?): summer programme ‘airport pickups’! On this day, I met so many people from across the globe with shared passions and motivations and immediately my world got a lot bigger and so much more interesting.


I joined the museum sector hoping to better understand and interpret people, cultures and societies across the globe, but always assuming it would be through the collection that this would happen. However, through the people that make up the ITP network, countries I never thought I would visit feel like second homes and every conversation has shed new light – the more I hear the less I know!

It has been such a hard decision to leave my role as ITP Coordinator but I hope to take advantage of any opportunities provided by the new ITP team, which allow me to keep re-connecting with you all and meet future fellows of the ITP.

And, as is the case in any ITP document, ‘the thank-yous section’! Thank you to the Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitaable Trust and all of the sponsors who support both the ITP team and all of the activity that generates an active and sustainable global network.


Summer programme fellows, thank you for letting me unceremoniously count you at any given opportunity (information desk, boardroom, Schafer house, into taxis, on the coach, off the coach, on the coach again) – I have felt way more organised as result! But more seriously, your constant enthusiasm, support and care for the network (amidst the exhaustion of the ITP scheduling) has been absolutely motivating.

To the Senior Fellows for all the responsibilities (the good, the bad and the sometimes mundane) you have graciously taken on each summer and your ability to bring calm and laughs to all situations: Njeri’s infectious ‘evil laugh’ and obsession with the staff canteen breakfast; Hayk’s sense of humour throughout a 3 month stint at the BM and brutal time keeping (which I appreciated); Andrea’s absolute cool and providing burgers during 2am fellow farewells!

Thank you to UK Partners and British Museum Reps for welcoming me into your institutions and departments, never (seemingly!) tiring of me asking you for another favour, and for all of your support and patience during our busiest times of the year. I have learnt so much from our summer programme experiences, placement visits, legacy project programming and regular meetings… and enjoyed every minute of our work together.

And the biggest thank you of all must go to Claire Messenger who introduced me to an unbelievable network of hard-working, motivated, loving and ultimately special people; for three years you pushed me out of my comfort zone but never so that I felt out of depth.


At risk of running out of adjectives, I will wrap up! I am delighted to be moving on to a role within the BM (in the department of International Engagement) as this means I will never be too far away.  I can be contacted on the same email address and of course my ITP Facebook account. Don’t be a stranger!

With love and best wishes,

Becca x