ITP Fellows 2019 Give Their Introductory Presentations

As part of their first week at the British Museum, we ask the ITP Fellows to give a short presentation introducing themselves to the rest of the group. This is a chance to share a little bit about the work each Fellow does in their respective institution. It’s also an opportunity for the Fellows to express what they hope to learn and achieve while participating in the summer programme.

We were lucky to be joined not only by the department representatives who will work with the Fellows at the British Museum, but also the representatives from the ITP’s UK partners. The presentations serve not only as an introduction for the Fellows to each other, but also to the museum professionals from the UK who will work with this year’s ITP cohort over the summer programme.

As a way of introducing this year’s Fellows with our ITP network, the participants have kindly agreed to share their presentations on the ITP website. Follow the links below to learn more about the work of this year’s amazing group!