Reflections on the last day of department activities (Ketevan Chitashvili, ITP 2019, Georgia)

Written by Ketevan Chitashvili, Specialist of Cash Circulation and Currency, The Money Museum of The National Bank of Georgia (ITP 2019, Georgia).

My name is Ketevan, and I have a degree in business and financial management, and experience working as an accountant and cashier in the central bank of Georgia and other companies. I currently work as a cash circulation and currency production specialist at the Money Museum of the National Bank of Georgia. My experience manifests my interest in money, financial history, trade and numismatics.

Back in Georgia, I had discovered the British Museum through a picture from a display case at work. The image shows the unique Georgian copper coin of David IV, the Builder, and mentions that the object is a part of the British Museum’s collection.

A special moment: me, holding the coin of David IV, the Builder

Because of that coin, I decided to approach the Department of Coins and Medals (C&M) at the British Museum – it was a good move. Not only did I take part in the Summer Programme, I was also able to visit the C&M department during my stay.

During the Summer Programme, I had four days for department activities in total. Curator, Vesta Curtis, was happy to help a young money specialist such as myself in their professional growth. On the last day of the department activities, my colleague from India, Vishi Upadhyay joined me. We started the day  by meeting C&M staff members, Helen Wang and Gareth Williams, and they introduced us to the leading numismatic societies in the UK, studies and research programs, international conferences, and training they provide across the UK.

After lunch, Vesta, Vishi and I visited the Bank of England Museum – we used audio guides and had a tour around the museum. BOE is a building brimming with history and interesting architecture, and I hope that one day, I will explore it from the inside.

On the way to the Bank of England, City of London

The coin of David the Builder has brought me good luck. Thanks to it, I have joined the ITP network, learned about the BM activities, partner museum challenges and found friends from different countries. I have seen lots of exhibitions, museums and galleries.

Money and coin museums are in need of marketing and staff. Money is a powerful instrument that makes the world go around, and it can attract museum visitors too. From 15th September 2019, the coin of David the Builder will be temporarily on display at the Georgian National Museum in Tbilisi, and local visitors will have an opportunity to see this unique coin. I can’t wait to host representatives of C&M in Georgia in the near future.