ITP 2019: The Movie, Two Short Films About the 2019 Summer Programme by Yasser Abdelrady (Egypt, ITP 2019)

Videos created by Yasser Abdelrady, Conservator, Nubia Museum, Aswan (Egypt, ITP 2019)

We have a very special blog looking back at the ITP summer programme for 2019!

Since returning from this year’s summer programme, Yasser Abdelrady has been busy creating two short films about his experiences on the ITP.

Yasser documented all of this year’s summer programme, becoming the ITP fellows’ resident cameraman! He has kindly allowed us to share his videos with the ITP network.

Yasser wanted to add:
“I made these videos as a way for me to document a few moments during the ITP 2019, and to document one of the best moments that I spent with the great ITP Team and ITP fellows.
“So, I hope that this presents a good memory for all of us and it becomes one of the ways to remember each other and those best days at the UK.” 

This first video looks at Yasser’s ITP 2019 experience as a whole and is titled Our Journey in London:

Yasser’s second video focuses on his 10 days at his ITP UK partner placement. He spent his placement in Glasgow with Glasgow Museums:

Thank you so much, Yasser, for your hard work creating these brilliant videos for the ITP! We hope our global network enjoy them as much as we have!