ITP Futures Announcement | Welcoming Back Our 7 Senior Fellows

Written by George Peckham, ITP Assistant

2020 marks the 15th anniversary of the International Training Programme! To celebrate a milestone year, the team have been looking ahead towards the future of the ITP.

We thought a good place to start would be to hold a 5 day ‘discussion’ on the future of the programme. We think the ideal group to start these talks would be our 7 Senior Fellows!

Each year since 2013 The role of Senior Fellow is taken on by a former ITP fellow to help facilitate the Summer Programme. The Senior Fellow has become an invaluable member of the ITP team. They help us with the logistics and development of the summer programme, offer ideas for our legacy and sustainability projects, and provide support to the ITP team and fellows during the summer. They even take on the role of guest editor of the annual ITP Newsletter and help develop the theme and content.

So from Saturday 18 April to Sunday 26 April 2020 we will be welcoming back to the British Museum, all 7 of our Senior Fellows! We are delighted to be seeing again:

Eileen Musundi (Kenya, ITP 2008, Senior Fellow 2013), Head of Exhibitions, National Museums of Kenya

Jana Alaraj (Palestine, ITP 2011, Senior Fellow 2014), PhD Student, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Shambwaditya Ghosh (India, ITP 2012, Senior Fellow 2015), Research Scholar, Ambedkar University

Rebecca Njeri Gachihi (Kenya, ITP 2010, Senior Fellow 2016), Public Programmes Coordinator, National Museums of Kenya

Hayk Mkrtchyan (Armenia, ITP 2014, Senior Fellow 2017), Director, Association of Museum Workers and Friends

Andrea Terrón Gomez (Guatemala, ITP 2017, Senior Fellow 2018), Professor, Del Valle University

Mohamed Mokhtar (Egypt, ITP 2015, Senior Fellow 2019), Curator, Abdeen Palace Museums

The Senior Fellows will help us think about the future of the ITP – both the summer programme and legacy projects. We are also planning to have days during the week when our departmental colleagues and programme partners from around the BM and UK would join us for a wider discussion enabling our network to help decide the future of the ITP.

We aim to share the outcomes of our future planning week with the rest of the ITP network. We’re very excited to be able to see our Senior Fellows again and have them contribute to the direction of the ITP going forward.