Get a Different Name Day: Suggest a New Name for the ITP!

The 13th of February is international Get a Different Name Day!

This day is dedicated to the word that is used to address us: our names. Names are what we are known by and are usually linked to a family member or the region or culture that you were born into. Typically, we do not name ourselves, rather someone else ‘names’ you.

So this day was created to address the following idea: if you could have a different name for the day, what would it be? People often pick new names based on people who inspire them, or from a character in their favourite book or movie. It’s just a bit of fun that friends and colleagues have started doing around the world.

So we want to ask you: if you could rename the International Training Programme (ITP), what would you call it?

Send us your suggestions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email ( and we will share our favourite suggestions!