ITP from Home: Fellows Share Their Shelves and Museums from Home (Namrata Sarmah, India, ITP 2018 and Saeed Ba Yashoot, Yemen, ITP 2016)

Yesterday we announced a new series of blogs to keep the network updated on all things ITP while the British Museum is closed. Find a link to yesterday’s blog here.

We’re very happy to see the network has started to get involved in sharing updates from their lives working from home. Thanks to Namrata and Saeed for sending us their updates. Read them below!

Namrata Sarmah, Project Curator, Directorate of Museums, Government of Assam (India, ITP 2018)

Namrata has shared her shelf and some of the surroundings of her museum from home. These days Namrata is doing some gardening and has also showed us what she is currently reading. Thanks Namrata!

Saeed Ba Yashoot, Documentation Collections Curator, Seiyun Museum (Yemen, ITP 2016)

Due to ongoing conflict and unrest in Yemen, museums in the country have been closed since 2015. Saeed’s museum, Seiyun Museum, reopened in sections in February 2019. Sadly, however, they have had to close again in line with precautionary measures due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Saeed is working from his home office for the museum. He is working on the museum’s social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook in order to keep connected their audience.

We’d love to hear from more of the network about what they are up to! Are you working from home? Send us updates and pictures to be part of the next ITP from Home blog!

If you have anything else you would like to share with the network such as a blog or some photographs, get in touch!