ITP from Home: A Day in the Life of Nagwa Bakr (Egypt, ITP 2019)

Written by Nagwa Bakr, Community Exhibition Officer, Ministry of Antiquities (Egypt, ITP 2019)

I consider quarantine as a warrior’s rest, and an opportunity for social communication even if it is remotely. It has made us more human in how we ask after each other.

My day begins with listening to music while I am having my breakfast. Then I read some books that I put off reading some time ago. Currently, I am reading a book on theology and philosophy of divine religions.

I’m joining some online courses on museum work and the fields of mental health and stress management. I am also continuing my PhD lectures through Skype.

In addition, whilst community activities have stopped I am continuing to work from home. In my work we have organised some interactive activities for our audience on our Facebook page.

Also, I am currently working on a new project with my colleagues, Enas Karim, Nermine Mustafa, Gehad Shawky, Eman Mustafa and Ali Hussein:

Corontina: Virtual Exhibition in Time of Corona aims to document everything related to Coronavirus. Our plan is to turn this into a real exhibition after the end of quarantine. Visit the exhibition’s Facebook page here.

The Kitchen is the most enjoyable place for me right now. Everyday I prepare a different type of food. I am discovering that the kitchen is one of my hobbies that I must develop into a project in the future.

My day ends by writing in my dairy in quarantine. I am also writing letters in the classic way to share feelings with some friends as a way of support in this hard time.