An Important Update for Our ITP Fellows and Friends

We would like to share some news with our ITP network.

We wanted to let you know that the ITP team – alongside most of our colleagues around the British Museum – are now on special leave (furloughing) until May 31 2020.

This will mean, for those of you outside the UK who may not have heard of this scheme, that the government will be able to financially support the BM while we are closed but in return we are not allowed to do any Museum work.  We won’t be checking our work e-mails, having any virtual meetings, working on any ITP projects or posting about British Museum work on any of our ITP social media accounts.

We have been in touch individually with our colleagues already working with us on ITP projects – our Senior Fellow 2020; members of our network who are due to attend the ITP Futures 2020 event and the ITP Edinburgh/MA conference and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute students working on our new on-line exhibition, Objects in focus – about the temporary halt to our work. Please be assured that we remain committed to all these ITP legacy projects and will ensure they are delivered once we are back at work. 

We have also had to postpone the summer programme this year – all confirmed participants are being invited to join the programme in 2021. This will be the first summer in 16 years without a programme, which saddens us greatly.

As you can imagine, we are already looking forward to being back at the British Museum with our colleagues and in touch with you all again.

Keep well and keep safe everyone.

And of course, you can continue to explore the British Museum from home via our website

Warmest wishes, Claire, Anna and George