Efforts for Preserving Egypt’s Folk Music Traditions – Read the First Paper on the ITP’s Fellows’ Publications Page! (Shreen Amin, Egypt, ITP 2016)

Egypt’s Rich Musical Heritage, approaches and challenges
Efforts for preserving Folk Music traditions

Written by Shreen Amin, Director, Children’s Museum; Egyptian Museum, Cairo Egypt, ITP Fellow 2016

Fellows Publication Page

We are very pleased to share the first entry of the Fellows’ Publications page on the ITP blogsite! Shreen Amin (Egypt, ITP Fellow) has kindly shared a paper about her current research on Egypt’s rich musical heritage and the approaches and challenges of preserving Egyptian Folk Music traditions.

Shreen’s paper outlines the great importance folk music has within Egyptian intangible heritage. Music has been integral to Egyptian society throughout history and has influenced aspects of life from Ancient Egyptian civilization, right up the to modern day.

Shreen highlights the diversity of Egyptian folk music, its history and how it can be used to engage communities across Egypt. She looks at some of the efforts made to preserve folk music traditions by looking at some case studies, such as the arts and music festivals organised by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and El Mastaba Center for Egyptian Folklore Music.

You can read Shreen’s research by visiting the Publications page here.

We have set up the ‘Fellows’ Publications’ section of the ITP blogsite for ITP network members who would like to share longer form articles and publications which do not fit the format of the ITP blog. This could include research papers, such as Shreen’s research, or longer essays based on your work or academic research.

You can already read all of the ITP’s Annual Reports, Newsletters and Evaluations on the Publications page, and we thought it would be a great place to also showcase some of the work of the ITP fellows.

If there is anything you would like to share with the ITP network which you thought not suitable for the ITP blog, get in touch we can include it on our publications page!