The Future of Museums – An ITP Short Film for International Museum Day 2021

Happy International Museum Day 2021!

We are very happy to share a short film to celebrate International Museum Day, created with help from the ITP global network!

Each year, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) organise International Museum Day. This year’s theme is The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine, where ICOM invites us to share new innovative solutions for the social, economic and environmental challenges of the present.

More information about International Museum Day can be found on the ICOM website.

The ITP are celebrating International Museum Day by sharing a short film. In this video we hear from members of the International Training Programme network from around to world, to reflect upon the impact of the last year on the arts and culture sector, and collect international perspectives on the future of museums.

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The ITP fellows who have kindly contributed to the making of this short film are:

  • Barbara Vujanović, Senior Curator, Meštrović Atelier (The Ivan Meštrović Museums), Croatia, ITP Fellow 2016
  • Namrata Sarmah, Project Curator, Directorate of Museums, Government of Assam, India, ITP Fellow 2018
  • Nagwa Bakr, Community Exhibitions Officer Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, ITP Fellow 2019
  • Shreen Amin, Director, Children’s Museum, Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt, ITP Fellow 2016
  • Shambwaditya Ghosh, PhD Scholar, University of Dehli, India, ITP Fellow 2012, Senior Fellow 2015
  • Ishaq Mohammad Bello, Assistant Chief Technical Officer, Education, National Museum Kaduna, Nigeria, ITP Fellow 2012
  • Vishi Upadhyay, Curatorial Associate, Bihar Museum, Patna, India, ITP Fellow 2019
  • Chantal Umuhoza, Curator, Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR), Rwanda, ITP Fellow 2018
  • Xu Liyi, Deputy Head, Cultural Exchange Office Shanghai Museum, China, ITP Fellow 2018

As International Museum Day is celebrated globally, the aim of this video is to share global interpretations of the ideas surrounding the future of museums and the present challenges the cultural sector faces around the world.

Thank you very much to the 9 ITP fellows who took the time to record a short video to contribute to this film. We hope you all enjoy watching it!