ITP’s 2021 Annual Programme launches on Monday!

We start our e-learning on Monday 2nd August and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s recorded sessions for us and supported us with advice on the delivery of learning online – your help has been invaluable. We are really looking forward to launching the course on Monday and meeting the International Training Programme’s 2021 cohort online for the first ever ITP e-Learning.

In March 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Director took the very difficult decision to postpone the ITP summer programme and participants were invited to join a rescheduled programme in 2021. The ITP Futures event, Senior Fellow 2020 and the ITP Edinburgh/MA Conference were also postponed, with those already chosen to participate invited to attend when the events are rescheduled.

In the light of continuing uncertainty regarding travel, testing and vaccination regimes – across the UK and the 2021 cohort countries – this year we will be reshaping the summer programme. The annual programme 2021 will split into two parts – online distance e-Learning (August – October 2021) and an on-site bespoke programme (November 2021, COVID permitting) for British Museum and UK Partner placements.

In 2021 we will be welcoming 21 colleagues from 18 countries including Bhutan*; Cambodia*; China; Ghana; Greece; India; Iran; Nigeria; North Macedonia*; Pakistan; Palestine; Rapa Nui/Chile*; Sudan; Tajikistan; Tunisia*; Turkey; United States* and Uzbekistan. You can find the 2021 cohort’s biographies here.

(* new to the ITP global network). 

Read the biographies of the ITP 2021 cohort here

The ITP e-Learning launches on Monday with the following modules:

Contextual sessions – 2 August

A session to introduce participants to the Programme, the British Museum, culture and heritage in the UK and our network 2021 which will sit alongside e-networking opportunities for the cohort 2021.

Collections management – 30 August

Documentation; storage; libraries and archives

Museum audiences – 6 September

Audience analysis; children & schools; communities; families & the Samsung Digital Programme; young adults and volunteering – Hands-on desks & Eye Opener tours.

Conservation, Preventative Conservation & Scientific Research – 13 September

An introduction to the departments with case studies from conservators and scientists.

Permanent displays – 20 September

Curators and research; design/display; photography and interpretation.

National and international loans – 27 September

BM loans, in theory and in practice with a case study on Nero: the man behind the myth.

Temporary exhibitions – 4 October

Curators and research; design/display; interpretation and marketing.

Museum management and leadership – 11 October

Management/staff engagement; managing, planning and governance at the British Museum; staff training and development; leadership; funding and project management.

Going digital – 18 October

Online learning; online events; online exhibitions and getting the most from social media.

On-site visit – November 2021 (COVID permitting)

A visit to the UK – for BM and UK Partner placements – of four weeks for a series of tailored sessions based on the participants role profiles and current projects and programmes. Sessions will be 1-1; smaller subject specialist groups and departmental time with curators and collections interspersed with visits to other museums and will include a four-week project based around museum displays – our Object in focus project.

If you’d like more information on our fellows 2021 and our e-learning programme, don’t hesitate to contact us on