“TRACING THE QUE-RATOR” A Virtual Exhibition in Uganda, Nabukalu Solomy Nansubuga (Uganda, ITP 2018)

Written by Solomy Nansubuga Nabukalu, Coservator, Kabale Museum (Uganda, ITP Fellow 2018)

It started with a thought and as an idea, @⁨Nommo Gallery Training⁩ put it in a concept. Many applied and only eight (team 8) were selected, being a part of this team wasn’t a mistake but rather a prophecy.

An infinite journey started from the date I received an email of confirmation, followed by a phone call. I remember the excitement after receiving a kit and a number of envelops in it. 

I later met everyone on the first zoom meeting. It started becoming more interesting. Facilitators took us through a transitional and transformational process for a number of days. We were then left to start on the practical phase, virtually. Some had a clue and some didn’t know where to start. I loved the day we discussed our weaknesses and strengths, because it’s out of that discussion that Tracing the Que-rator was indirectly given life. We got to understand each other and started flowing. Belief is a powerful tool. We walked through challenges with smiles because of believing in ourselves. Sometimes some of us thought about giving up, but it always felt too early just because the team is set to work forever.

I was happy when we reached a time and could schedule meetings, make calls anytime and everyone could create time; Team8, Creative Tribe, Host Curator and some Facilitators. We became one and great friends.

It was a tough, challenging but also an extremely rewarding process amidst COVID-19. We are proud of our work but most importantly we inspired the industry to rethink the country’s curatorial narratives. We had a wonderful delivery within such a short period of time and am sure such projects will not only showcase our amazing works but will stretch our limits to greatly distinguish us as Uganda’s prolific Virtual Reality experts, globally.

I can’t stop smiling, the fact that all the above is now beautiful history and collective memories! I know by this time, Friday 30th July will be history. Life is all about defeating challenges and celebrating.

Special thanks to our sponsors, facilitators, advisors, partners, artists and our Host Curator for the tremendous support exhibited.

Great thanks to team8, no one gave up on the constant calls and meetings at weird hours including directives sometimes.

Stay safe