World Photo Day 2021: The ITP Network Share Their Favourite Photos

Written by George Peckham, ITP Assistant

Last week was World Photography Day 2021, and we invited the ITP network to share their favourite photos for their experience of the International Training Programme.

You can read our blog on World Photo Day here.

Photography is a wonderful way to share your world with others and it has become a key aspect of the International Training Programme. The many photos taken during the ITP help capture the memories and experiences made on the summer programme and ITP legacy projects. Object condition photography and visits to the British Museum’s Photography and Imaging studios have become a regular part of the ITP annual programme. We also organised an ITP+ course in 2017 which focused on Photography and Documentation.

It was great to see many ITP fellows sharing their memories and photos from their time on the ITP. Thank you to those of you shared a photo, I hope it was a nice trip down memory lane!

We have gathered some of the photos shared by the network into an ITP World Photo Day collage!