Announcement! ITP Research Support Grant Awarded to Xu Yin (China, ITP 2011) and Shi Wanghuan (China, ITP 2016)

The ITP is offering financial assistance to attend and participate in conferences and to conduct research which will help develop professional skills and networks in the museum and heritage sector. We have had some fantastic applications so far which we will share here, on the blog.

We are very happy to announce that Xu Yin (China, ITP 2011) and Shi Wanghuan (China, ITP 2016) have received a Research Support Grant for an exciting collaborative project. Xu Yin is the Director of Museum Square Culture and Art and Shi Wanghuan is a Project Manager at Art Exhibitions China and this grant will support the editing and translation of a book they are currently working on; Museum Registration Methods. They describe their research aims below:

Shi Wanghuan during the International Training Programme 2016

‘We are committed to researching how to generally improve the professionalism of the practitioners in small and medium museums in China. We hope that through our project, within 5 years, the professionalism of the practitioners in small and medium museums in China will gradually improve and be in line with international operating standards.’

‘We intend to carry out the research mainly from two aspects: On the one hand, carry out the research by theoretical study, select outstanding research results from overseas in a planned way, translate into Chinese, introduce to China, provide reference materials for domestic museum practitioners, organize domestic researchers and scholars to compile collection of papers, share the excellent domestic experience, make the excellent experience and achievements of domestic and foreign scholars a reference for practitioners in small and medium museums in China to enter and develop in this industry. On the other hand, carry out personnel exchange and training for practitioners in small and medium museums in a planned and systematic manner, providing them with opportunities to learn on site, in first-class museums.’

Xu Yin and Shi Wanghuan are hoping to develop this book as part of a series and they are looking forward to sharing this with other ITP fellows. Following their current research, they will report back on this experience which we will then share with the ITP global network.

Xu Yin during the International Training Programme 2011

In the past, the ITP has supported fellows from Zimbabwe, Egypt, India, Uganda and Armenia to attend or speak at conferences or carry out research and we would like to extend this offer to the entire network through open application, for conferences and professional research. Due to a very positive response this year, we are extending the budget for this legacy project. Given the current circumstances regarding COVID-19 and travel restrictions, we would encourage in-country conferences or research as opposed to activity involving international travel. Each fellow can apply for up to 60% of the costs incurred by attending the conference or carrying out their research – up to a maximum of £1000. You can read more about the grants here.