ITP Legacy Projects Survey Report

ITP Legacy Project Survey Report

Back in June, we launched a new survey which was created and managed by Symphorose Guillon who was on a student placement from Birkbeck University with the ITP.

 Symphorose asked the whole ITP network questions about past and future legacy projects and the answers received will be vital to the ITP team when planning future legacy projects.

One example of an ITP+ course: Museum interpretation based at the Nubia Museum in Aswan, Egypt

The student placement involved the creation of an online survey and report (using SurveyMonkey), sent out to the ITP global network as part of the ITP’s network analysis and in order to help shape future legacy projects and various other future programme plans.

ITP Futures and Online Subject Specialist Sessions are legacy projects have been our digital legacy projects. This survey provided useful feedback on idea of more online projects in the future.

The ITP regularly carry out surveys at important milestones in the programme and this project was part of an ongoing analysis of the ITP, ensuring content and project offerings are relevant and to monitor change.

An opportunity to attend the annual Museum Association Conference has been a regular part of the ITP’s yearly legacy project programming.

Following the survey, Symphorose has been collating and analysing the results, finishing the project by writing a report which you can read here.