The Experience of the Faculty of Archaeology Ain Shams University Conference “Risk Management in Museums and Archaeological Sites” (Shreen Amin, Egypt, ITP Fellow 2016)

Written by Shreen Amin, Director, Children’s Museum; Egyptian Museum, Cairo Egypt, ITP Fellow 2016

I am writing today to share the experience of the Faculty of Archaeology, Ain Shams University Conference “Risk Management in Museums and Archaeological Sites” that was held on Saturday, December 11th , 2021 12.00 a.m. – 03.00 p.m (Cairo Local Time) via zoom on the University platform

I was invited to present a talk at this conference and my talk sheds light on the risk management plan of the Egyptian Museum. My deep appreciation goes to the General Director of the Egyptian Museum, Ms. Sabah Abdel Razeq, Prof. Dr. Hassan Selim, the Professor of Egyptology the Faculty of Archaeology – Ain Shams University and Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Shoky Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Archaeology – Ain Shams University, who nominated me to present this talk on such a prestigious platform.

It was a well organised conference sharing the experience and procedures of risk management in Egypt and internationally.

The conference highlights ‘Risk Management in Museums’ presented by Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, Head of Museology Department, Faculty of Archaeology – Ain Shams University and Former Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

My friend and a wonderful colleague Dr. Mohamed Ismail, the Vice President of CULTNAT, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, clarified the use of modern technology in dealing with crises and disasters in museums and archaeological sites. Focusing on the case of Egypt, I am advising you to go through the Heritage documentation projects of The Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CULTNAT) website, that is one of the research centres at Bibliotheca Alexandrina stationed in Cairo:

I was honoured and pleased to hear the talk of Ms. Hanna Pennock,
Chairperson, ICOM Standing Committee, on Disaster Risk Management who clarified in more detail “The role of ICOM committee in Disaster Risk Management.”

Dr. Yannick Lintz, Manager of the Islamic Department in Louvre Museum, Paris presented her unique experience about “The Department of Islamic Art in the Louvre Museum facing the dangers of the Seine (river) floods.”

Dr. Hamdy Abdul-Monem General Manager of Conservation Department, Islamic Art Museum, Cairo presented “The Role of the Conservation Department in the Islamic Museum to manage crises and disasters.”

I am attaching a recorded version of my talk at this conference for those who are interested. My talk aims to explore the Egyptian Museum risk management plan that involves the identification, measurement, control, and minimisation of risks within the Museum. The talk highlights a key risk management objective of ensuring that museum workers (board and staff) and the visiting audience have a safe environment and clarifies how the risk plan makes the Egyptian Museum a safe place to work in and visit.

Accept my best wishes and many thanks to Claire Messenger (ITP Manager) who always supports our ITP community.