ITP Conference Grant Report and Film: Muże.X Shaping Museum Futures, Ioan Oprea (Romania, ITP 2019)

Ioan Oprea (Conservator at National Museum of the Union Alba Iulia, Romania and ITP 2019 Fellow) successfully applied for a ITP Conference Grant in 2021, to support his attendance at Muże.X Shaping Museum Futures, an international conference held in Valletta, Malta.

In November, Ioan wrote a blog to share his immediate reflections from the conference, which you can read by clicking here.

Ioan stands in the centre with two conference delegates

The theme of the Muże.X Shaping Museum Futures conference aimed to explore the museum of the future. As museums navigate the uncertain times and global issues such as climate change and COVID-19, the conference presented the latest ideas and initiatives which are a departure from the traditional museum.

Along with Ioan’s report, we are very pleased to share a short film Ioan has created to capture his experience in Malta and at the conference. The film includes photos taken by Ioan during his conference visit and he shares some of his thoughts of feelings of returning to a physical event after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you very much to Ioan for producing his report and short film, and for sharing some of his experiences and learning from this conference.

We have recently announced that ITP Conference and Research Support Grants have reopened for 2022! If you have a place at a conference or a research proposal that needs additional financial support, we might be able to help you. Find out how to apply by visiting our blog here.