Introducing our new look ITP website!

We are thrilled to be launching our new look ITP website!

When the British Museum was forced to closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the ITP moved its programming online, it became clear that our existing blogsite needed a few upgrades. The design of layout of the site was outdated and we had plans to expand the features of the blogsite.

When the ITP launched its first microsite, it was mostly a place where the ITP team could share news and updates with the network through its blog. In 2019, this expanded into a new microsite which offered more features. This included information about the International Training Programme, our UK partners and supporters. We added a directory of the ITP fellows, with written biographies of each alumnus. Course resources, which took the form of toolkits and other PDF documents, were added in a password protected area.

In 2020 and 2021, in response to remote working, we started thinking about what else we could offer online to our ITP network. We envisioned expanding our ITP blogsite into a proper website, which would be an online hub for all things ITP: news, information for existing and prospective fellows, a wider variety of resources and e-Learning. In order to achieve this, we realised that our website we would require a refresh.

So over the past year, we have been working with the Information Services department that BM, and Lilo, a web development company, to redesign our website. As you look through our new site, here are some of the exciting new things you might notice!

ITP website homepage

New Design

The website has had a complete redesign to make it sleeker and more modern. Our new look is more in line with how the British Museum’s website looks in its structure, colour, and format. The new design makes better use of a large catalogue of photographs, with banner images at the top of each website page and images used to illustrate the links on our new homepage.

ITP website screenshot homepage
Large images help fill our home page with some vibrant colour and draws attention to some exciting features of the site. We have highlighted our ITP online exhibition Bristol: The Bigger Picture and have more online exhibitions coming soon!

Navigation is much simpler, and webpages have been restructured. A new menu at the top and bottom of each page matches the look of the BM’s website and makes it easier to find the information and resources that visitors are looking for.

ITP website screenshot menu
You can find links to our social media pages with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons

Legacy projects

We have a completely new section of the website dedicated entirely to our legacy projects! On the old blogsite, you would need to search through our large archive of blogs or read through our annual reports in order to find information about our past legacy projects.

ITP website screenshot of legacy projects page
ITP type of legacy project has its own dedicated page to give each project more focus and to better share some of its outputs

Now, our new legacy projects page has neatly categorised our projects, giving each legacy project its own dedicated page. We can now share more information about each legacy project and showcase some of the work ITP alumni have done for some of these projects. For instance, our new page dedicated to Temporary displays in the UK, highlights the great work done by ITP alumni who have worked spotlight loans and tours as part of a legacy project.

Explore our legacy projects page!

ITP Films

ITP website screenshot films

One of the new features we were keen to integrate into a new ITP website was films! We want to encourage more of the ITP network to create short films about their projects and collaborations with ITP as it is a great way of showcasing work remotely. We are very excited to have a new page dedicated to ITP films within the legacy projects section which showcases the films created by the ITP network so far. There are currently 6 films you can watch on our new website, with a very exciting 7th film to be shared later this week!

Watch our ITP films!

Course Resources

Our course resources page has had a refresh and we hope to keep adding to the catalogue of useful resources for the network. Our online subject specialist session recordings from both 2020 and 2021 have been uploaded and can be watched at any time. Handy guide documents from previous legacy projects can be accessed, as well as other useful documents. We will continue to add more resources to this page in the future.

ITP website screenshot online sessions

Separately in our Publications section, we have updated the space dedicated to fellows’ publications. Alumni are welcome to share longer form research papers and other documents with network on this page.

ITP website screenshot publications

Read our ITP publications!

We hope you enjoy looking through the new ITP website and its new features! There will be more to come from the ITP website over the coming year, including new films, online exhibitions and course resources.

I would like to note that as we familiarise ourselves with this new website and continue to refresh the content, we may come across technical glitches or outdated information. Be assured that all content will be made up date as soon as possible. If you see something that you would like to be changed or updated, such as your biography, please contact the ITP team.