International Training Programme 2021: Subject Specialist Sessions

Written by George Peckham, ITP Assistant

The ITP Annual Programme 2021 is structured slightly different to previous programmes, with this programme having more of a focus on subject specialist sessions.

Instead of having whole group sessions, ITP 2021 focuses on smaller group, or one-to-one sessions covering themes that participants have specifically requested and relate directly to their role profiles and professional interests. These subject specialist sessions hopefully offer the fellows the chance to take part in further discussions with colleagues, gain practical tips for their own projects back home, and share their own thoughts on current museum issues.

Three people sit at a desk, inspecting and handling museum objects.
Volunteering at the British Museum session

We also hope that by working in smaller groups, this will allow voices to be heard and ideas to flourish. The sessions allow the fellows to have more focused time with BM colleagues working in various departments.

The subject specialist sessions we have held so far include:

  • Archaeology in the UK
  • Volunteering at the British Museum
  • International Engagement and International Touring Exhibitions
  • Photography at the British Museum
  • Communities and audience engagement
  • Special exhibitions at the British Museum
  • Access and inclusion
  • Marketing and press at the British Museum
  • Permanent galleries at the British Museum
  • Retail, hospitality, licensing, online sales and trade/external sales at the British Museum
  • British Museum Friends and the British Museum’s membership scheme
  • Archives at the British Museum
  • Fundraising at the British Museum
  • Collections Management
  • Conservation projects and programmes at the British Museum
  • Leadership and management in the cultural sector
A group of people stand in a line facing the camera
Leadership and management in the cultural sector
A group of people standing in a museum gallery
Communities and audience engagement

Subjects that we have identified as core museum skills were covered in the online distance e-learning we completed in 2021 in the first part of this programme. Working online with the cohort in 2021 gave us opportunities to learn more about the group and help shape their onsite programmes.

We hope the 2021 fellows have enjoyed and taken value from their subject specialist sessions!