Senior Fellow 2022: Roshan Mishra

Written by Claire Messenger, Manager, International Training Programme and Roshan Mishra, Director, Taragaon Museum, Nepal

I am delighted to announce that this year our Senior Fellow 2022 will be Roshan Mishra, Director of the Taragaon Museum, Nepal.

Roshan joined us on the International Training Programme in 2018.  He studied Art & Animation in the UK and worked as an Interior Designer before joining Taragaon Museum in 2014, as the Director of the museum and head of the archives and library of The Saraf Foundation for Himalayan Traditions and Culture, the patron organization of the Museum. Roshan is involved in a number of projects which aim to open other museums in Nepal. He also teaches at the Kathmandu University.

Roshan Mishra at the ITP 2018 summer programme photography session

Further engagement projects are essential to the core objectives of the ITP. Finding ways to give our fellows the widest possible opportunities for further training and development is fundamental.  Legacy projects inspire a lifelong commitment to our network from ITP partners and fellows, supported by the British Museum.

To date the ITP has welcomed eight fellows back to the UK to further their professional development and strengthened their connections to the UK ITP network. These colleagues have worked on supporting and delivering the programme as part of the core ITP team.

The role of Senior Fellow is taken on by a former ITP fellow to help facilitate the Summer Programme. Having participated on the Summer Programme previously, Roshan will provide the 2022 cohort with knowledge of the course, of London and our UK partner museums.

In return, the role will offer Roshan the opportunity to gain further knowledge in the delivery and development of skills-sharing programmes, to reconnect with BM and UK partner colleagues and to make new connections across our global network.

Roshan Mishra at ITP 2018 summer programme

Roshan will be an invaluable member of the ITP team, helping with the logistics and development of the annual programme, offering ideas for our legacy and sustainability projects, and providing support to the ITP team and fellows during the programme.

Roshan will also take on the role of ‘guest editor’ of the ITP Newsletter 2023 helping develop the theme and content.

Here’s what Roshan says about taking on the role……

“I am absolutely delighted to go back to the British Museum as a senior ITP fellow. In 2022, it will be mostly about supporting, sharing and learning more! It would be amazing to work closely with the ITP core team, other departments and partner museums. I believe this year it would be even more exciting as I will be engaged in programming, management and the leadership part.  I am also equally excited to work with the new fellows and learn what they have been doing in their part of the world.

Roshan Mishra at the 2018 Museum Association Conference

In the past 4 years after returning from ITP, so much has happened back here in Nepal. In many ways the experience I have gathered from BM has directly and indirectly reflected in my work, I am very much looking forward to sharing it with everyone.

Further, I am very keen to extend my network with UK institutions for future collaborations, and I will be looking forward to strengthen my relationship with the British Museum, partner institutions, museum professionals and the new fellows.”

Roshan will be taking part in our e-Learning from 22 August – 2 September and then joining us at the British Museum from 3 September to 30 October.

We are very excited to be working with Roshan as our Senior Fellow 2022 – our ninth ITP Fellow to take on this role – and we look forward to keeping you up-to-date with the project as it develops.