My expectations during the ITP (Asmahan Humada Gabir Mohmmedin, Sudan, ITP 2022)

Written by Asmahan Humada Gabir Mohmmedin, Curator, Sudan National Museum, National Corporation for Antiquities and Museums, Sudan, ITP 2022

My expectations from the ITP are to acquire the skills and knowledge to assist in the innovation and development of my museum, and acquire knowledge from specialists at the British Museum. I am looking forward to creating relationships and exchanging opinions and ideas with colleagues from around the world.

Asmahan in the Egyptian Sculpture Gallery at the British Museum

Today I visited the department of Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum. I met Daniel Antoine, department Keeper, and I had a tour around on the gallery with Kelly Accetta Crowe, Curator. I visited the library, rich with a lot of books that benefit me in my field and my specialism. I was really surprised by the modern technology used for storage, especially the coffin shelves.

Asmahan in the Egypt and Sudan department library, British Museum

Today I am very happy to introduce my colleague from Egypt, Omnia Zaghlol Chehata; Supervisor, Educational Department and Administration at Akhenaton Museum.

Omnia’s expectation during her time on the International Training Programme is to share knowledge with her colleagues and share information about Akhenaton Museum. Her hobbies include walking, listening to music, sport and playing chess. Omnia and I have agreed to exchange ideas and knowledge and experiences acquired during ITP and apply them to our museums.