My ITP experience (Tatevik Saroyan, Armenia, ITP 2022)

Written by Tatevik Saroyan, Head of PR Department, “Matenadaran” Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts (Armenia, ITP 2022)

I am Tatevik Saroyan from Armenia. I am a museologist. Since 2019 I have started to work at the “Matenadaran” Research Institute of Ancient Manuscripts as the head of the PR Department. I am also a PhD student at the same institute.

Tatevik Saroyan stands in the British Museum Great Court

This year, I got the opportunity to participate in the British Museum ITP programme. 

View from an aeroplane window with plane's wing in the foregroup and a view of a city below

The programme started on September 19 and yesterday was the last day. Of course, I am a little sad about the end of the programme because, as a result of this one-month-long programme, I got a lot of information from the latest news on museum life, solutions to museum problems, challenges and acquired new skills. During these weeks, I already tried to share the knowledge I got and even from London, because I participated in the organising process of my institute works. The experience of the British Museum and various partner museums allowed me, as a specialist, to understand and analyse my strengths and weaknesses and the sequence of steps during the preparation and implementation of future actions. The programme allowed me to become an ITP network member.

ITP 2022 participants take a group photo outside on green grass standing in front of a red brick building

Besides exchanging museum ideas, it was also a beneficial platform to have good friends from all over the world. I am happy that I have new friends representing different cultures of the world. With their help, I got to know the cultural heritage of their countries, approaches to museum work, national traditions and customs. Thanks to them, I discovered the world in a new way. Now, besides my primary business, I am thinking of having a particular travelling to discover new horizons in Latin America, Egypt, India, Africa, the UAE, and Asia. In these countries, I can get acquainted with their culture and history and conduct my research about coffee with them because many of mentioned countries are the world centres of coffee.

ITP 2022 participants take a group selfie

With the help of the ITP, I could see the United Kingdom, particularly London and Northern Ireland, admire nature and historical heritage.