ITP Research Grant report and film: A suitcase of museum, Meltem Yaşdağ (Turkey, ITP 2011)

Meltem Yaşdağ (Culture and Tourism expert, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara) successfully applied for an ITP Research Grant in 2022, to support her research project entitled: A Suitcase of Museum.

In December, we shared a Meltem’s latest blog about the project which gave us an update on her progress. You can read Meltem’s blog by clicking on the link below:

Meltem has now completed her full ITP Research Grant report, which you can read by clicking on the link below:

Meltem’s Research Support Grant report.

Meltem’s research has explored migration and shared heritage, and how common histories are told in museums in different countries. She has travelled to visit exchange museums in Athens, Greece, and Izmir, Turkey, to conduct this research.

In conducting this research, Meltem finds that in the short term demonstrated that exchange museums are not only necessary to preserve cultural heritage, but also an provide an emotional need.

Along with Meltem’s report, we are very pleased to share a short film Meltem has created to capture her experiences in Turkey and Greece during this research project. The film consists of a montage of photos and short clips from the museums and heritage sites Meltem visited in Athens and Izmir.

Thank you, Meltem, for sharing your work!