ITP 2022 Object in focus museum trail

We are very excited to be sharing a new page on the ITP website, dedicated to the latest Object in focus project from the 2022 annual programme!

Each year, as part of the Annual Programme, fellows are asked to participate in the Object in focus project. In previous years, fellows have been asked to plan and propose a temporary exhibition, drawing on their existing museum experience and the skills learnt during the programme. Working in pairs or in groups, fellows are given an object from the Museum’s collection to propose a temporary exhibition working within a particular theme.

For 2022, the Object in focus project took a new form. The 2022 ITP cohort were asked to work together to create an museum trail using objects on display at the Museum.

Working individually but considering how their object sat within the ITP 2022 cohort’s chosen theme, the group developed a 15-object trail based on a story they wanted to share based around the British Museum collection. The theme of the trail was Food and drink around the world.

A film was made of the trail, where each fellow spoke about their selected object in the galleries. Thank you to Ryan Chapman, Videoctopus, for creating the film.

Lotfi stands next to a display case during the filming of his talk. The cameraman holds a camera facing Lotfi.

Along with the film, a trial leaflet was created which visitors at the BM would use if they were following the trail around the galleries. There is a main museum trail leaflet as well as an additional leaflet for families created in the style of the BM’s museum explorers scheme. A big thank you to Yanoa Pomalima Carrasco (ITP 2022, Peru) for creating the trail leaflets!

We hope you all enjoy exploring the Object in focus museum trail. Well done and thank you to the whole ITP 2022 cohort for putting together a brilliant Object in focus project!