ITP Newsletter 2023 is out now!

We are very delighted to be releasing the 10th issue of the ITP Newsletter! This year’s newsletter focusses on ‘past and present’, a theme chosen by our ITP Senior Fellow 2022, Roshan Mishra, Director, Taragaon Museum, Nepal.

A 1960s sweet tin decorated with images from ancient Egypt

The newsletter looks across the ITP network, at museums, galleries, and art institutions that are undergoing a variety of transformations where past interpretations are being re-narrated in the present context to create engagement with audiences which has become a growing practice to bring changes across institutions as an effort to reimage museum spaces for a new generation of visitors.

You can download the newsletter here: ITP Newsletter 10

Across the ITP network, museums and galleries are facing and addressing the challenges of engaging with their audiences in a competitive environment and fellows are looking at ways to encourage new and existing into their spaces.

Fellows have written about their ‘past and present’ experiences in their institutions, sectors or fields of professional research.  They have discussed their own institutions as well as other museums, exhibitions and events in their home country.

Contributors have shared how their organisations are responding to bring about change and collaborate with living contemporary artists on their artworks, and how they contextualise existing museum objects with contemporary art forms.

Means of Exchange Gallery

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this year’s newsletter – particularly to Roshan for his hard work and creativity. We hope you enjoy learning more about our network’s responses to the ‘past and present’ theme in museum sectors around the world.