Opportunity – ITP Conference and Research Support Grants for 2024

Written by Claire Messenger, Manager, International Training Programme

Do you have a place at a conference but need help funding your place?  Do you have a research proposal that needs additional financial support? Then read on – this may be the ITP legacy project for you!!!

For 2024 the ITP is offering financial assistance for fellows to attend and participate in conferences, and to conduct research which can be demonstrated to help develop professional skills and networks in the museum and heritage sector.

ITP fellow looking at a camera on a tripod.

Since 2021 the ITP has awarded 28 grants to support a wide range of research projects and conference places to fellows across the network.

Over the past three years we have supported fellows to travel to Belgium, Denmark, Malta, the Netherlands, Prague, Singapore, Switzerland, the UK and within India.  And we have provided funding for a fascinating range of research projects from Uambembe’s Border War and the search for home to A Suitcase of Museum: A research on the effectiveness of Aigaleo Athens and İzmir Immigration and Exchange Memorial House in expressing the 1923 Turkish-Greek Population Exchange to the public.

ITP fellows at an ICOM conference.

Each fellow can apply for up to a maximum of £1000 of the costs incurred by attending the conference or carrying out their research.  All we ask of you is to share with us two reports – a financial statement detailing you spend, and a project report that tells us what you learnt and how you benefitted.  The project report will be shared with the rest of the network through the ITP blog and website.  You can also consider producing a short film capturing your experience, which we will also share on our website and will sit alongside a range of fascinating films produced by our network.

Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate the relevance of attending a conference or carrying out research, to their professional needs and development. They will also have a proven track record (with the ITP, in their personal or professional lives) of good time management, being organised and understanding the importance of regular communication and report writing.

Please only apply if you are comfortable managing and reporting on spend and if necessary, arranging and booking your own accommodation and travel, researching the type of visa needed for your travel and filling in the application independently.  This is a grant to support successful applicants financially, and while we always offer support and advice, on this occasion we cannot offer to manage your logistical arrangements.

ITP fellow Aprille Tijam looking at objects using her research grant.

You can read the call for applications HERE.

And download the applications forms here RESEARCH and CONFERENCE.

We are looking forward to receiving and reading your applications.