With Susan Pacitti: Publishing, Commissioning and Licensing Manager; Celine Blair: Collections Manager, Glasgow Museums and Patricia Allan: Curator of World Cultures, Glasgow Museums.

Glasgow Museums is the largest museum service in the UK outside of London and operates 10 venues across the city.  The civic museum collection includes over one million objects and has been described as one of the finest civic collections in Northern Europe.

Copyright is a legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their works. Whether you manage a collection, work with living artists or are simply looking for a photo for your blog it is important to remember that specific circumstances play a key role in where and how you can use images.

This session looked at international digital copyright in the era of COVID: a minimal risk approach to how museums and galleries can balance the protection of artists’ rights and their wishes as artists to have their works in museums seen by the public.  The team want to look at how rigidly these laws are applied, whether they take the needs of individual artists, art forms and cultures into account, and how we can accommodate these variations to make sure the best interests of the artists really are served.