The Amara West Project is an excavation project in Sudan based at the British Museum. In the last 10 years of excavation and study seasons a rich dataset was compiled by the research team that allows an insight into the life of the people living in this settlement in ancient Nubia from around 1200-800 BC. In the last two years the archaeological data base was converted to linked open data. The research team is now using a web based platform called ResearchSpace that includes several innovative tools that will allow new ways of research on archaeological data.

With Manuela Lehmann, Project Curator: Amara West, British Museum

This session was divided into two parts. Part one consisted of a presentation as a brief introduction into the Semantic Web, its use and advantages.

Part two gave an introduction into the semantic-web based online platform called ResearchSpace with the archaeological database of the Amara West Excavation Project to demonstrate the potential for projects working in archaeology, museums or in other areas related to the cultural heritage sector. Participants tried out the different functions of the platform, search data, create Knowledge Maps or Semantic Narratives.