Shreen Amin is the Director of the Children’s Museum at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. She is also the Head of the Main Museums Educational departments as well as university engagement programmes at the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities.

After a brief period of closure due the COVID-19 pandemic, the Egyptian Museum started receiving visitors under strict anti-coronavirus measures in July 2020. The measures taken during the COVID-19 crisis in the Museums in Egypt play an important role in enhancing community engagement and overcoming social isolation. With its rich cultural and educative contents and societal functions, several initiatives undertaken in response to COVID-19 are applied in the Museums of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA). The risk preventive measures for the safety and security of the museums, their staff, and visitors are one of the main approaches. In addition, the development of a variety of digital tools including virtual tours, social media, live streaming, online exhibitions, and online video. The guidelines also include the installation of floor signs for social distancing and daily temperature checks for visitors and staff.

With Shreen Amin, Director, The Children’s Museum, Egyptian Museum, Cairo (Egypt, ITP Fellow 2016)

Shreen’s session explored how museums in Egypt continue to work with schools throughout and beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. It looked at what safety measures have been implemented in Egyptian museums to guarantee the safety of education programmes.

Shreen presented some online activities that have been offered by museum educators in Egypt and shed some light on a survey conducted by International Council of Museums (ICOM) on museums, museum professionals and COVID-19.

The session also introduced the policy of the Children’s Museum education programmes.