The Money and Medals Network (MMN) is an Arts Council England co-funded project that exists to promote the subject of numismatics in the UK museum sector and beyond. It does this through site visits and a national training programme. One of its core aims is to encourage best practice in storage of coins, medals and banknotes in museum collections to ensure their longevity. It also seeks to actively inspire museum staff and volunteers to make the most of their numismatic collections through display and outreach projects.

More information about The Money and Medals Network can be found on their website.

With Henry Flynn, Money and Medals Network Project Curator, The British Museum

MMN Project Curator Henry Flynn delivered two training talks on the subjects of numismatic storage and display.

The first explored different ways to store coins, medals and banknotes and suggested simple and cost-effective alternatives when making storage improvements.

The second considered how to approach displaying objects that are fundamentally challenging due to their size and the fact that they are two-sided, and offered practical tips from a conservation perspective.