Aceh Museum

The vision of Aceh Museum, situated in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, is to preserve cultural heritage and educational institutions and has a mission to:

(1) preserve the cultural heritage, cultural values, and values ​​of the Dinul Islam in people’s lives and

(2) provide cultural information in a creative educational framework for the community.

The collection is categorized into 10 disciplines: geology, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatics, philology, keramonologic, art and technology.

The original museum, opened in 1915, displayed the private collection of ethnographer Friedrich Stammeshaus, the first curator of Museum Aceh in a traditional Acehnese stage house. Since then the museum has moved location multiple times and the collection has changed and evolved. The current museum now resides in both the original building and a new building containing permanent gallery and temporary exhibition space, as a result of funding in 1974, and became an official provincial museum in 1980. (Museum Aceh, Aceh Province Culture and Tourism Service)

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