Archaeological Museum of Zagreb

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is one of the direct successors to the former National Museum, the oldest museum institution in the Croatian capital, founded in 1836. The Archaeological Department was declared an independent institution within the National Museum in 1878 and in 1945, it moved to its present site, the Vranyczany-Hafner mansion. The museum collections consist of more than 450,000 varied artefacts and monuments, with prehistoric, Egyptian and numismatic collections ,as well as Greek and Roman. As early as the 1880s, the museum began systematic archaeological excavations in various Croatian regions, acquiring in this manner abundant material, and at the same time valuable data for studying the everyday life of the inhabitants from the prehistoric age to the mediaeval period.  The Lapidarium, a collection of stone monuments from the Roman period, is displayed in the form of an archaeological park in the Museum courtyard. The museum also operates a temporary exhibitions programme. (Archaeological Museum in Zagreb)

Image copyright © Suradnik13, Wikimedia Commons