C.N. Kikonyogo Money Museum of the Bank of Uganda

The Charles Nyonyintono Kikonyogo Money Museum is where the story of evolution of currency and the history of the Bank come alive.

The Museum officially opened on August 15, 2006 when the Bank was celebrating its 40 years of existence. It was named after the 8th Governor Charles Nyonyintono Kikonyogo in recognition of his contribution to the   economy.

Located at the heart of Bank of Uganda, the museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying the numismatic heritage of Uganda. From traditional (Barter Trade) currency, the British protectorate currency to the Uganda shilling, the Museum holds an extensive collection.

You can also discover the people and events that have shaped the Bank since its inception in 1966 with a rare collection of historical prints and photographs that explore the history of the Bank.

Learn more about Bank of Uganda through engaging presentations on the role of the Bank, currency, financial literacy and more. (Bank of Uganda)

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