China Numismatic Museum

China Numismatic Museum (CNM) was founded in 1992, which is a national numismatic museum directly under the People’s Bank of China. It is seated at Courtyard No. 17, Xijiaomin Xiang, Xicheng District, Beijing. The museum has two buildings under national-level protection, which were formerly the Commercial Guarantee Bank of China and Central Bank of China Peking Branch respectively, serving as witnesses of the development of the modern financial industry of China.

Upholding the tenet of serving the Central Bank and the society and sticking to the mission of carrying on the numismatic culture, CNM is dedicated to collect, display and research of/into ancient, modern and contemporary currencies and objects related to the banking history. China Numismatic Society and Chinese Committee for Money and Banking Museums are subordinate to the museum, and meanwhile the museum are the member of International Numismatic Commission and the member of the council of International Committee for Money and Banking Museums (ICOMON). (China Numismatic Museum)

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