Eka Cultural Resources and Research

Eka Cultural Resources and Research was set up in 2009 to address the increasing need for a central and professional organisation within the culture and heritage industry. Eka aims to proide professional services that add quality and excellence in this field. They identify and create key linkages resulting in an increase in both tangible and intangible cultural activity. Eka prides itself on being able to create content with tailored solutions for a diverse range of cultural activities. The company specialises in planning and creating archives, museums and cultural complexes.

Eka also provides assistance in research, documentation and publication for a wide range of cultural industries. They create content for arts festivals, seminars, and symposiums, and hold design exhibitions. Their services extend to advising art collectors on their acquisitions and the management of their collections and are a nodal agency for the promotion of cultural tourism in India with a focus on indigenous culture and the performing arts.  (Eka Cultural Resources & Research)

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