Ivan Meštrović Museums

The Ivan Meštrović Museums are dedicated to the preservation, research and promotion of the work and life of Ivan Meštrović (1883 Vrpolje, Croatia – 1962 South Bend, Indiana, USA). One of the most prominent Croatian artists of the first half of the 20th century, he was a sculptor, painter, architect and writer. In 1952, he donated numerous masterpieces, architecture and spaces to the Croatian people. The constituents of the Museums are located in his home and studio in Zagreb (Meštrović Atelier), the family mansion and renovated Renaissance castle in Split (Meštrović  Gallery and Crikvine-Kaštilac) and the family resting place in Otavice, their hometown. In these spaces, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy hundreds of his works. (Ivan Meštrović Museums)

Image copyright © Suradnik13, Wikimedia Commons