Nanjing Museum

Nanjing Museum, the first large national comprehensive museum in China, is located in the south of Purple Mountain, Nanjing City and the south of Zhongshan Gate. With two exhibition halls (history exhibition hall and for art exhibition hall), both of them being splendid palatial architecture stimulating the architectures in Liao Dynasty, trees and grasses full of the museum decorated by various stone inscription relics, with cultural landscape and natural landscape formed a delightful contrast.

Nanjing Municipal Museum has over 400,000 collections in various types from Paleolithic period to the contemporary era, including stoneware, earthenware, jadeware, bronze ware, chinaware, painting and calligraphy, embroidery, bamboo carving, folklore and contemporary art, and 1,062 cultural relics higher than first national grade. Archaeological products possess high value of history, art and science in the collections. Where, there are over 10 national cultural relics including “stringed jade ornament” during Neolithic period, “precious reticulated bronze pot” and “gold coin of Chu” during the warring states period, “gold beast” in the Western Han Dynasty, “Jade Seal of Prince Guangling” and “cattle light with silver ornaments” in the Eastern Han Dynasty, “bronze inkstone bronze  decorated with fine gold mosaic beasts” in the Eastern Han Dynasty, “celadon beast-shaped jar” in the Western Jin Dynasty, “seven hermits in the bamboo grove and Rong Qiqi” pictorial molded brick in the Southern Dynasty, as well as “underglazed red vase with bamboo, pine and Chinese plum” in Ming Dynasty. (Nanjing Museum)

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