Negarestan Museum Garden

Built as a summer retreat during the Qajar era, Negarestan Palace was later converted to Iran’s first modern university where the famed lexicographer Dehkhoda wrote the comprehensive Persian dictionary. (Culture Trip)

Master Mohammad Ghaffari, known as Kamal al-Molk and one of the most prominent figures of Iranian art history, founded the Fine Art School at Negarestan Garden in 1911. His work is credited with and the Kamal al-Molk School describing works of his students and followers of his style. Negarestan Museum Garden contains the Kamal al-Molk Museum, with works by the Master and his followers, as well as a number of other collections, among these the anthropological miniature statues of Jahangir Arjmand, the miniatures and leather mosaics of Master Ali Asfajani, and the ethnographic photography collection of Mahmood Ruh al-Amini. (Negarestan Museum Garden)

Image copyright © Nader Dehnavi, 2016, Negarestan