Popol Vuh Museum

The Popol Vuh Museum offers visitors a unique journey through the history of Guatemala, illustrated by one of the best collections of pre-Hispanic and colonial art in the country. The museum is a private, non-profit scientific institution that is part of the Francisco Marroquín University . Its objectives include the conservation, research and dissemination of the cultural and archaeological heritage of Guatemala.

The museum houses one of the most important Mayan art collections in the world. They emphasize numerous examples of ceramics painted of the classic period in Petén; Verapaz and other regions, an extraordinary set of funeral urns from northwestern Guatemala; important examples of pre-classical and classical sculpture of Kaminaljuyú and the south coast; a sample of censers extracted from the waters of Lake Amatitlán; as well as an excellent sample of ceramic whistles. (Popol Vuh Museum)

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