Sarawak State Museum

Sarawak Museum was established by Charles Brooke the Second Rajah in 1860 with support from naturalist, Alfred Russell Wallace. They realized their intentions by setting up a temporary museum at the Market place, along Gambier Street Kuching on 30 October 1886. Later a permanent museum was built at its present site and opened its door to the public on 4 August 1891. The museum grew, slowly developing a collection which represents the pride, identity and traditions of Sarawakians.  Today the museum enjoys international recognition, not only as a superb museum but also as a research centre in Borneo where Sarawak Museum Journals are published annually since 1910.

The museum defines itself as a keeper of the rich culture and history of Sarawak and the first class repository of Borneo culture with the world’s largest collection of Borneo’s flora and fauna. In appreciation of its existence, Sarawak Museum is a department under the Ministry of Social Development Sarawak. (Sarawak Museum Department)

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